A National Security Strategy for the Philippines

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RP-NSS FOR 2010-2016


17 September 2010

Republic of the Philippines


The common experience among nations upon becoming sovereign states is the immediate launching of a collective effort to craft a comprehensive national security plan. The experience of the Philippines upon becoming a sovereign nation on 04 July 1946 did not fit this model. Instead, we chose to continue adopting for 75 years Commonwealth Act Number 1 or National Defense Act that was enacted in 1935.

The American-sponsored Bill No. 102 providing for the defense of the Philippines was drafted and subsequently passed by the Philippine Assembly on December 20,
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1.2 A Growing and Maturing Democracy

Although the Philippines has had a semblance of self-rule beginning 1898 after the Spanish period (although cut short by American expansion in Asia in the late 19th century) and in the birth pains of the nation under the American Commonwealth beginning 1910, the country only broke free from its past colonial masters at the end of World War II to practice its own brand of democracy beginning 1946. Despite more than five decades of democratic self-rule, it is still by-and-large a maturing democracy – and therefore vulnerable to the vagaries of a nation on the long road to internalizing the ideals of universal suffrage, free speech, free trade, and lately, global competitiveness.

1.3 Vestiges of Elitist Rule

Despite decades free of colonial rule or influence, the Philippines continues to labor under conditions similar to the colonial period. From having Spanish and American masters, taking its place are the prosperous and landed political and economic elite – the latter exerting their ever-growing influence over the major affairs of the nation. To highlight this situation, a majority of seats in Congress are currently being occupied by the members of politically-dominant families (or political dynasties) – a full 23 years after a 1987 Constitution provision expressly prohibiting such. In the economic sphere, ninety-percent of the country’s wealth


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