E Bike Marketing Plan

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This marketing plan examines the launch of a human-electric hybrid bicycle called e-bike by the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturing company HONDA, in China.
We all know that the Global Warming is a serious issue to be addressed. This is the right time to realize the importance of eco-friendly products to save the earth from global warming and its ill effects. Unfortunately the automobile emissions are the second largest contributors for the green house gases. Honda with a vision to become the world leader in environment and energy technologies launches this innovative and futuristic eco-friendly product called e-bike.
This zero CO2 emission mobility is certainly a head turner which is stolen from the future,
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electric bike in any quantity.
• It has many existing distributors which will help the Grasshopper electric bike to cover the market place along with some new distributors.
• It has a competent team, experienced in the Japan industry.
• Grasshopper Electric bike is environmentally friendly.
• Multi-tasking features of the new product highlight it among the existing range of products.
• It has access to monetary resources if required.
• Honda Motor Company, Ltd has been the world's largest motorcycle manufacturer since 1959 and has dominance in motorbike industry for nearly 51 years and can now apply that experience and skill to a new market with an appropriately researched product. * Chinese can have a resistance to Western products. Due to this the newly launched product will gain an initial advantage in the market.


* Yamaha, SANYO, are also on the verge to launch the similar product. * There are many competitors who have already established their market dominance in the same product in china. * The time taken to do business in China will stretch human resources.

Opportunities * Chinese can be more loyal to brand than Western brands. * The demand for electric bike is growing rapidly. * The product will be considered good for health as it can also act as exercise equipment. * Due to the issue of global warming the opportunity increases and gradually helps out in accelerating sales * Estimates suggest that by 2013 China will


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