Business Ethics

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Business Ethics – Assignment 1

1. The Sales Rep. A sales representative for a struggling computer supply firm has a chance to close a multimillion-dollar deal for an office system to be installed over a two-year period. The machines for the first delivery are in the company’s warehouse, but the remainder would have to be ordered from the manufacturer. Because the manufacturer is having difficulty meeting the heavy demand for the popular model, the sales representative is not sure that the subsequent deliveries can be made on time. Any delay in converting to the new system would be costly to the customer; however, the blame could be placed on the manufacturer. Should the sales representative close the deal without advising the customer
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Here it shows that they feel like they are too good to work under a female, even though she is well informed of her job. In my opinion, the Director here plays a very important part. As a Director he should be good at handling his staff and not let them get out of control. I personally do not think that he should remove the woman, because he himself believes that prejudice is unfair. He too understands the importance of his job and would hire the right person for it. If its against his beliefs, he should inform the male workers the consequences of any hindrance on the progress. This way, he can ensure that they understand the cost of their biased attitude and straighten them out and it would be disastrous to the company.

3. The Marketing Director. The vice president of marketing for a major brewing company is aware that college students account for a large population of beer sales and that people in this age group form lifelong loyalties to particular brands of beer. The executive is personally uncomfortable with the tasteless gimmicks used by her competitors in the industry to encourage drinking on campuses, including beach parties and beer-drinking contests. She worries about the company’s contribution to underage drinking and alcohol abuse among college students. Should she go along with the competition?
- In this case, I do believe that the marketing director should go along with her competition. In the beginning, the main aim of a business is to make a profit.


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