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McKinsey’s 7S frame work
This diagram shows about the functional head and their different function.

In this above diagram, CEO has overall control over the different action taken by the company within the nation and international. CEO has the direct control over the head finance, head business department, head supply chain, head purchase and head quality assurance. And dotted line indicates that the CEO has the indirect control over the other functional head.

This diagram states about the organisation structure

Organisational hierarchy Here the CMD appoints the head of different departments like finance, business development, quality assurance, supply chain, purchase.
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United States
In 2001, Suzlon incorporated SWECO in order to establish a presence in the United States, which is among the top three wind energy markets in the world in terms of cumulative installations. As of March 31, 2005, they employed 16 people in marketing, sales, projects and services for the United States. Suzlon expect to target the following types of customers:
(a) Companies interested in investing in renewable energy sources (b) Utilities (c) Wind energy project developers
(d)municipalities, schools and cooperatives interested in establishing captive power facilities.
They intend to focus on establishing on-going business relationships with a core group of key customers, strategic investors and financial investors, with a view to gaining access to wind power projects that these entities propose to undertake, as well as securing exclusive WTG supply agreements with these entities. They focus on direct sales efforts in three main geographic areas: the Midwest, the South (Texas,Oklahoma) and the West (California), which will allow to concentrate on


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