7 Habits of Highly Effective People Reaction Paper

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“Your life doesn’t just ‘happen.’ Whether you know it or not, it is carefully designed by you. The choices, after all, are yours. You choose happiness. You choose sadness. You choose decisiveness. You choose ambivalence. You choose success. You choose failure. You choose courage. You choose fear. Just remember that every moment, every situation, provides a new choice. And in doing so, it gives you a perfect opportunity to do things differently to produce more positive results.”—Stephen Covey
Life is full of wonders and complexities. Every day we live adds twist and color to our existence. In the lyrics of Francis Magalona’s song entitled Kaleidoscope World, “Every color, every hue, is
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Finally, as an individual, to have a confidence and trust myself, able to tell the limits and the capacities of my own skills, aspirations and dreams. Also letting myself to wander in daydreams and slowly turning them into reality. That’s my mission.
Habit 3: Put First Things First (Principles of Personal Management)
Majority of the things we do each day can be divided up in two different ways: they’re either urgent or not urgent, and they’re either important or not important. Most of the time, we do not want to do important things urgently just like cramming a project to reach a deadline. In order to avoid this, goals should be set and are prioritized according to their importance. Final exams are fast approaching and so is the release of the new season on HIMYM! Because watching my favorite series is not urgent, I have some flexibility on when to do them, but because my exams are important, I must schedule them and keep it on the schedule. First-line up is of course the major, Accounting. Minors are equally important but my major demands more time to practice solving and reading the theories in order to pass the subject.
Habit 4: Think Win/Win (Principles of Interpersonal Leadership) Usually in a brainstorming group, some suggest ideas that may not be favorable to other members. Some also are very determined to use their ideas to the point of neglecting others. If we cannot see the solution


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