Tan Hiep Phat - Strategy Analysis Essay

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As a Marketing student of HCMC Open University, I have chances to access to numerous useful and practical marketing theories. In my studying process, I am very lucky to study with many excellent lecturers who are also good at academic knowledge and latest practical experiences. They are the ones who inspired me and helped me have more faith in my major. One of those lecturers is Mr. Nguyen Dinh Trong, lecturer of my Strategy Management class.
Mr. Nguyen Dinh Trong not only brings me and my classmates many useful lessons of Strategy Management but also learning spirit and continuous opening to new ideas. His enthusiasm and caring has helped me a lot in studying this difficult subject. This finished essay is my sincere
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THP T & S Co.,Ltd. has technical system insuring safe production in each and every section of the company, adequate equipment for fire prevention insuring safe operation for employees and properties in all production lines.
THP Group is a very prestigious enterprise with its nationwide distribution network in Vietnam including representatives and agents to insure quick and effective distribution of products of beer and bottled beverages to places where they are in demand and with reasonable price.
During the past years, THP has made great efforts in investing in construction , in transforming and upgrading production facilities, in buying new and modern equipment for producing and raising product quality. The company has been given commendation certificates and papers as well as souvenir medal for the quality of its products and for its after-sale service.
Information in brief:
- Tan Hiep Phat Trade and Service Co., Ltd.
- Company’s name: Tan Hiep Phat Trade and Service Co., Ltd.
- International trade name: Tan Hiep Phat
- Abbreviated name: THP Group
- Founder: Dr. Trần Quí Thanh.
- Facilities: offices (6.037sq.meters), factory (7.511sq.meters), warehouse (45.552sq.meters), with equipment for production and environment handing control system.
- Main office: Located at Thuan An District, Binh Duong province with more than