4g - Mobile Communication

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With the rapid development of communication networks, it is expected that fourth generation mobile systems will be launched within decades. Fourth generation (4G) mobile
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High usability: anytime, anywhere, and with any technology
2. Support for multimedia services at low transmission cost
3. Personalization
4. Integrated services

First, 4G networks are all IP based heterogeneous networks that allow users to use any system at any time and anywhere. Users carrying an integrated terminal can use a wide range of applications provided by multiple wireless networks.

Second, 4G systems provide not only telecommunications services, but also data and multimedia services. To support multimedia services high data-rate services with good system reliability will be provided. At the same time, a low per-bit transmission cost will be maintained.

Third, personalized service will be provided by the new generation network. Finally, 4G systems also provide facilities for integrated services. Users can use multiple services from any service provider at the same time.

To migrate current systems to 4G with the features mentioned above, we have to face number challenges. Some of them were discussed below.


In order to use large variety of services and wireless networks in 4G systems, multimode user terminals are essential as they can adopt different wireless networks by reconfiguring themselves. This eliminates the need to use multiple terminals (or multiple hardware components in a terminal). The most promising way of implementing multimode user terminals is to adopt the


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