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WiMAX technology has been approved by Bangladesh Government in last quater of 2008 in Bangladesh. Use of this technology has been increased through the passage of time. WiMAX combines the performance of Wi-Fi with the range and quality of service (QOS) of a carrier-grade cellular technology. WiMAX networks can be as small as single base stations with a few subscriber units, to much larger networks with thousands of users. 4G WiMAX gives us incredibly fast wireless access to the internet from four to ten times faster than 3G wireless. WiMAX technology will allow the subscribers to enjoy the amazing experience of high speed internet along with data, voice and video.There are few WiMAX service provider in Bangladesh, among them
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The Wi-Fi technology is still using local area network (LAN) for the predictable future. WiMAX and Wi-Fi differences are very simple as below.
• The basic difference between WiMAX technology and Wi-Fi technology are cost, speed, distance and so on. WiMAX coverage is about 30 miles and Wi-Fi coverage is very limited to some small area.
• WiMAX network just as an ISP without any cable because WiMAX signal used to get access to internet to your home or business, while Wi-Fi will be used inside in your local area network (LAN) for access to the internet.
• The WiMAX architecture is design to make possible metropolitan area networking (MAN). The base station of WiMAX capable to provide access to business and hundreds of homes, While Wi-Fi is providing only local area networking (LAN).
• WiMAX network providing Quos (Quality of Service) therefore a large number of people get access to tower at the same time. The built in algorithm automatically transfer the user to other tower or cell of WiMAX station. Unlike Wi-Fi user have to sort of fight to stay on connected with a specified access point.

• The most significant issue of WiMAX and Wi-Fi difference is pricing because WiMAX is a high cost network, while Wi-Fi is a low cost network therefore mostly people adopt Wi-Fi network due to less expenditure and avoid WiMAX due to expensive installations.
• WiMAX offer high speed internet as a


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