Strategic Marketing Plan for Reading Cinemas

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October 4

Executive summary
The selected company, Reading Cinemas, is looking to ultimately strengthen its competitive position within the market place over the course of the next three to five years.
A market analysis was first taken out on Reading Courtenay; one cinema under the Reading brand name situated in Wellington. From this analysis, it became apparent that the Internet was one of the company’s largest competitors. Upon further research, the problem revealed to be at such a large level, one single cinema would not be able to control it alone. The view for the marketing plan had to be changed and instead would now support a company-wide view.
After the view change, a concise market analysis was taken out on
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Even though some of these consumers were born in the 1980’s, the generation had to have two or three decades before it could fully begin to blossom as a group of consumers. Today, there are over 80 million of these consumers recorded in just the United States alone (Lewis, 2001). Looking into the future three to five years from now, there will be an extensive number more of these consumers demanding more and more from the technological market. Marketers will have to work hard to keep up and learn fast as like Reed (2010), states, ‘Digital technologies have changed the rules of the game’.
With having conducted a specific customer analysis, the issue of competitors can now be observed. From the original analysis, competitors for Reading International were discovered. They are; other competing cinemas, substitutes of entertainment and the Internet. It was the combination of this discovery and closer investigation which sparked the need to change the focus of the Strategic Plan from Reading Courtenay to Reading International. The Internet has proven to be the biggest competitor for not only Reading International, but the industry at large. Research suggests that the Internet is jeopardising the future market for cinema and media alike (The Guardian, 2013). This is because consumers are exposed to such vast options of online entertainment, an enormous variety of


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