organizational systems Task 1

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Organizational Systems and Quality Leadership
Western Governors University

Nursing-sensitive indicators are defined by the American Nurses Association as indicators that “reflect the structure, process and outcomes of nursing care. The structure of nursing care is indicated by the supply of nursing staff, the skill level of the nursing staff, and the education/certification of nursing staff” (ANA, 2015). These indicators are outcomes that increase the quality and safety in patient care. Some indicators are patient falls, surgical complications such as infection and pulmonary failure, restraint prevalence, patient satisfaction, nurse satisfaction and staffing, complications such as urinary tract infections
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I would first ask who restrained this patient and why they felt this was needed. Evidence-based practice shows us that restraints are usually more dangerous to the patient than not being restrained. Restraints are to be used only in an emergency. In our book it states, “Restraint of any kind is a form of imprisonment, and the reasonable and prudent nurse will closely adhere to all laws, rules, and policies pertaining to the use of restraints” (Cherry, 2008). Furthermore, restraint” (Cherry, 2008). Policy and procedure needs to be addressed hospital wide with education and clear instructions given to prevent this in the future.
The supervisor should not have ignored the dietary error nor told her staff to “keep it quiet.”
“Each culture has a value system that dictates behavior directly or indirectly by setting norms and teaching that those norms are right. Health beliefs and practices tend to reflect a culture's value system. Nurses must understand the patient's value system to foster health promotion (Cherry, 2008).”

As nurses, we must recognize and respect the cultures and beliefs of our patients. This hospital may have a

small population of Jewish residents but what hospital can afford to lose patients to a hospital 20 miles away? There

needs to be education from administration down on how to value each culture and how we as healthcare members

must understand the different


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