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Mid term paper on IPR : Copyrights

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property refers to all the intangible creations of the human mind, from scientific inventions to literary and artistic works; from symbols to names and images used in commerce. Earlier, Neo classical economics considered land, labour and capital as things of value. But slowly information and energy are replacing them as wealth creating assets.[1]As , the world gets more and more mobile , information can be transported instantaneously around the world , and any advantage gained by a rival company can be discarded effectively overnight. In such a scenario, a major challenge for companies would be to provide a blanket of protection for
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A work will qualify to be protectable under copyright if :[1]
1. It is of a type protected by Copyright under the Act.
2. It is recordable in some form like CD’s or in writing

Rights Granted by Copyright

The various rights that are granted by the Copyright law to the owner of the rights are :[1]

1. Copy the work
2. Issue copies of the work to the public
3. Rend or lend copies of the work to the public
4. Perform, show or play the work in public.
5. Communicate the work the the public.

Infringement of Copyright

Copyright is said to be infringed in one of the exclusive rights of the author is performed by someone without the authorization of the author. This is called primary infringement. Providing the accessories for infringing rights or assisting in it is also considered infringing and is called secondary infringement.

Fair Use

There is a provision of ‘fair use’ in the law, which allows copyrighted work to be used for teaching and research and development. In other words making one photocopy of a book for teaching students may not be considered an infringement, but making many photocopies for commercial purposes would be


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