Then and Now

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Now and Then Interview
“Times sure have changed” is a quote that comes to mind when thinking of the different between being an adolescent today compared to being an adolescent sixty years ago. To find out more about the differences I was able to speak with a male, currently age 82, and a female age 18. I am familiar with both of these individuals one, a close friend of the family, and my cousin’s daughter was able to answer some questions for me also. These two people both grew up in the United States. The eighty-two year old lived in Kentucky as an adolescent. The eighteen year old currently resides in Arkansas. Times have changed and I learned a little about just how much in speaking with my willing participants.
These two
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Other than not being permitted to do drugs or alcohol, she said her father doesn’t place as many restrictions on her because he knows he can trust her to make good decisions. It seems both people were able to gain the trust and respect of their parents by the time they were adolescence, keeping the conflict that can arise to a minimum. From conflicts in the home we spoke about what types of activities they do/did in their free time. This doesn’t seem to have changed much over the years. Both said they would just hang out with their friends wherever they were able to. Sixty years ago it was more outside and at Church. Today with transportation being easier things have shifted some to being “at each other’s houses, going to the mall, (we go to) Wal-Mart a lot.” Per the conversation I had with the youth of today. Though the locations are different, the time spent is similar enough. Peer selection was based on who they went to school or Church with, who was around them on a regular basis to gain that friendship with. I did notice that the current teenager shared she has had several boyfriends, where the elderly man advised he didn’t have a girlfriend until he was able to get a car of his own, which wasn’t until he was in his 20’s. This makes it appear that transportation makes dating easier. Though, he did share that walking a girl home


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