Cyp Core 3.4 Support Children and Young Peoples Health and Safety

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Task 1 There are many factors you should take into account when planning healthy and safe indoor and outdoor environments. Look at the pictures below, and then complete the boxes in the grid to explain how you might need to adapt them in order to take the list of factors into account.

Factor | Indoor environment | Outdoor environment | Age and ability of the children | * Age appropriate chairs and height of table. For example in year 3 the chairs and height of table are different of that to a year 6 classroom. * SEN are given the correct equipment to aid them | * Age-appropriate equipment for example soft ball for foundation stage playground and normal football for the KS3 children * Foundation stage children have
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For example if cleaning products are left out without appropriate labels or without its lid it could slip or in worse cases children could ingest it.
4. What is a risk? A risk is something that can turn into a hazard for example if it’s snowing in the playground there’s a potential risk of children slipping and falling. A risk within the classroom if there’s equipment on the floor not stored away properly children could trip over or hurt themselves. Also children at any age should be reminded how to use scissors appropriately to avoid any hazards.
5. Complete the spider diagram below, giving suggestions of ways in which staff children and visitors to your setting are made aware of risks and hazards.
How are others made aware of the risks and hazards in your setting?
When pupils are required to use scissors within the lesson teachers should remind them how to use them safely.
All substances and cleaning product’s are locked away in the cleaners cupboard so the children are aware they are not allowed to enter.
In corridors children are escorted in and out of school in the morning and after school and they are told to stay on one side so everyone can get out safely.
If there’s a spill on the floor or if it is wet the school is required to put a sign in clear view as a warning.
If children are caught running they are stopped by an adult and made to walk.
Children are made aware of where


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