St. Jude Charity Speech

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St. Jude’s Children hospital, fight for childhood cancer

Purpose: To inform my audience that there are kids out there that need our help and to have the audience persuade to donating.

Think back to a time when you were younger, maybe the time when you played dress up using mommy’s make up. Maybe it was a time when you when you pretended that you were a power ranger, to tell you the truth I wanted to be the pink ranger! Think of when you said you want to grow up to be just like mom or dad! And maybe pictured how your wedding would be like when were older or if you’re really going to be a police officer or even a Pokémon trainer.

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C. The chemotherapy worked and now her dreams are fulfilled. She graduated and had her doctors and nurses there with her. She met a wonderful guy who had been donating to St. Jude’s since he was a kid. They got married and have a beautiful baby girl named after her friend that passed away with cancer at St. Jude’s. III. Of course the children don’t just stay in bed all day. St. Judes provides programs and services that keeps them pump up and educated after all the intense radiation and chemo. A. There are full time specialists that provide medical plays that help both teens and kids understand their medical procedures so the one it reduce anxiety, two develop trust in parents and staff, three identify what may be hard and ways to cope and lastly give sense of control over what is going to happen. B. At St. Judes there are special event like on holiday and they also receive things from the starlight foundation, a foundation that helps entertain them like with toys or electronics. C. Also at the hospital the child life specialist have therapeutic group times. The state that “play has many benefits as it creates a safe place for peer interaction, fun, creativity, healing, coping, mastery, self-expression, achievement and learning” and “Play is vital to a child’s optimal growth and development” these activities helps the child get use to the hospital and express