Explain and Analyse Why Lab Procedures and Practice Must Be Communicated in a Lab.

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Explain and analyse why lab procedures and practice must be communicated in a lab.


This essay is about why lab procedures and practice must be communicated in a lab.
In the essay I have talked about lab procedures lab practice, standard operation procedure communication, training, risk assessment, HSE and HSE inspection Health and welfare at work act 2005 and finally I have talked about Health and safety in a laboratory.

Lab procedures and lab practice

Lab procedures must be communicated in a lab to ensure that the lab is a safe place to perform experiments. Using good judgment, observe safety rules and follow directions can prevent accidents form happening. Experiments should include comments to alert people
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Training helps people to learn how to do something.

Training is important because it provide information on the chemical hazard, safe handling, operation, hazard control measures, proper storage, waste disposal, and emergency procedures.
Health and safety information is provide in training, it helps to ensure employees are not injured or are ill due to the work.
Training also includes general laboratory chemical safety training, reading manuals, and lab chemical safety. Training ensures that people know specific hazards, know about control measures and emergency procedures existing in their particular work area.
Effective training can help business avoid distress that accidents and ill health cause, can help avoid financial costs of accidents and occupational ill health.
The law requires that information, instruction and training are provided.
Supervisors are required to provide Lab Workers with training and information to ensure that they know about specific hazards, control measures and emergency procedures. Training includes methods and observations that may be used to detect the presence or release of a hazardous chemical, the physical and health hazards of chemicals in the laboratory, measures that workers can take to protect themselves from hazards.
General laboratory chemical safety training is a web-based training, to