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‘If there is no struggle, there is no change’

To guarantee a wholesome, enriching experience of change in the individual it is vital to accept struggle. Facing the struggle can test relationships, introduce unclear perception of ones identity and produce unpredictable situations; though change must be able to transpire to truly create complete development in the individual. Director Ron Howard discovers the unique mind that takes root inside the individual, by overcoming the cruel affects schizophrenia causes and instead welcoming positive change in his film ‘A Beautiful Mind’ (2001). Likewise S.E Hinton reveals the ability of humankind to move forward within erratic moments, deal with rebellion in optimistic ways and embrace new
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The struggle to accept change is confusing that leaves the individual feeling effortless and broken; however resilience and love as possible outcomes overrule all. It is this experience that Howard unearths Nash’s oblique and chaotic world in the climax scene where the diegetic sounds of the clotheslines piercing threnody teamed with sounds of radio static and ambulance sirens in the storm combining together, coupled with low key lighting, create an eary noise within a negative, doom thriven setting. This suggests that danger can impose on change to test the resilience of the individual to survive, as well as the danger of losing your identity and those closest to you. Furthering the sense of struggle inherent to change, Howards clever use of cinematography endorsed by noir features of low angle shots up at Nash in the stairwell, canted angles of Alicia’s feet taking each step and a reoccurring motif of her running figure all add together to foreshadowing the understanding that disharmony and intense pain arise for those who resist change. Leading on, irony displays a ‘barrier’ between Alicia and Nash however the barrier is a glass windows, therefore you can see straight through the obstacle, suggesting hope. As well as this the purity of the rain in the realization setting representing a revelation and growth in Nash as well as rejuvenation within their relationship, also shown in Hinton’s end relationships


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