Climate Change

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OUTLINE I. Introduction
Thesis statement: However, today we can see very huge environmental changes all over the world as a result of human activities such as using nature resources that will convert into poison gases and damage the nature resulting with huge climate changes, air and water pollutions with rising number of deaths. II. Background A. Causes: 1. Low security systems 2. Growing human greed 3. Ineffective and messy government control B. Effects: 1. Increasing number of deaths and different diseases 2. Global warming 3. Different pollutions III. Solution 1
Topic sentence: One of the possible solutions of the problem is to use alternative raw materials for
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The main reasons were human error and equipment failure at BP’s Deepwater Horizon offshore drilling unit; failure of the U.S. government to assign, and in some cases to permit, resources to assist with the containment of the oil spill (Smith, Smith, & Ashcroft, 2011). The result of this disaster is huge water pollution and serious number of sea and earth animal deaths. Not only this case has such bad effect, but also pollution in the cities caused by millions of cars and fabrics on the cities sides. The main consequence is air pollution with subsequent rising number of diseases and deaths in population and global warming. Kazakhstan has good examples of such problem. From the history we know that our country was the main source of raw material for the whole USSR. There are two possible solutions for this problem such as tighten control and alternative energy. Different natural resources, such as oil attract foreigners to build their fabrics here. They invest a large amount of money to region’s development in order to gain profit from the earth. As a result, the average life living status of people living in large cities is much smaller than in small towns. Law standards of production and car using that our government accepts today do not meet the needs of ecology and cause or leave such country and find the best place or to short their life (Green, 2006). For example, young generation has no opportunity to get a good primary


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