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Business Organization
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Nekeshia Raybon

Organization is critical for a business to run in an orderly fashion. One must also display a sufficient amount of experience as well. Betty is having difficulty deciding which way to go with many aspects of her business. Betty is anxious to turn her business owner dream into a reality. In this assignment, as well as in a legal and spiritual perspective, one will discuss Betty’s issues with choosing a company name, a business partner, and the benefit of trade marking implementation within the company.
Sole proprietorship
First, Betty has a decision to make on choosing a business form. Many business forms exist, but one should wisely choose his
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The Gathering Place dilemma The Gathering Place is what Betty has decided to name her place of business. This is very fitting; however, another business holds this name also. The benefit of this business is that it is quite a distance away from where Betty’s potential business location exists. Betty has every right to use the Gathering Place as her own; however, she should work hard to uniquely make her business stand out.
Trade marking
Trade marking and branding is critical for Betty’s business. According to Kubasek, Brennan, & Brown (2012), “A trademark is a distinctive mark, word, design, picture, or arrangement used by the producer of a product that tends to cause consumers to identify the product with the producer”(p.141).With this unique mark, Betty ‘s business is sure to be one that differs from the other “Gathering Place” cafe. According to Kubasek, Brennan & Browne, “The goal of trade marking law is to protect the right of commercial businesses to create marks that consumers will identify with a particular producer”(p.143). Conclusion
In conclusion, Betty’s creativity will allow her to soar in the business world. The business name could potentially be what turns the shop into a one of a kind business. According to Casserly, “The goal in dreaming up potential names for your startup product or services, is something that’s both “unique” and non descriptive” and then committing oneself