Change in Perspectives: the Book Thief & Changes

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Year 11 Assessment: Changing Perspectives RELATED TEXTS ASSESSMENT – ADVANCED ENGLISH

1) Prescribed Text – The Book Thief a. Compose a summary/synopsis of the text (plot/themes/characters/key concerns). (100 words only)

‘The Book Thief’ by Mark Zusak The Book Thief is a story of a young german girl named Liesel Meminger in Nazi Germany during world war 2. At age nine her brother drops dead in front of her and when Death himself comes to collect his newest soul, he becomes fascinated with Liesel. From then on death narrates the story of a girl who moves into a foster home where she develops relationships between her new Papa and Mama, her best friend Rudy, her secret friend Max, but most importantly we witness her relationship with
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b. Using your chosen related text, examine what the composer of this text reveals about Changing Perspectives and how they convey these ideas (750 words). It is expected that you will identify and analyse 2 techniques/ forms/features. Use the PETAL structure to help you remain analytical.

‘Changes’ by Tupac explores the idea of Changing perspectives through how the songs lyrics are used to target young people with a message of making a difference to end the poverty and injustices for African American people. This can be seen where Tupac writes “We gotta make a change... It's time for us as a people to start makin' some changes.” Inclusive pronouns such as ‘We’ and ‘us’ are used here to engage the young listeners with the song as it makes the them feel as if the artist is talking directly to them and including them in the fight for justice and fight against poverty, which is message that Tupac is conveying. The use of these inclusive pronouns also makes the listeners think about, accept and agree with the message that composer is targeting them with throughout the song, which in turn changes their perspectives on the issue. This is reinforced in the text where Tupac sings “Let's change the way we eat, let's change the way we live and let's change the way we treat each other.” Repetition of the ‘let’s change’ is used by the composer here to


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