In Dubious Battle Essay

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Revolution against Persecution

Today in the United States citizens are given rights to speak freely, worship as they wish, and pursue life, liberty, and happiness. Unfortunately, most foreign nations do not grant their citizens these rights. People in foreign nations live with little protection, financial insecurity, and are governed by callous rules. Behind closed doors in private business in the United States, many workers face this tyranny as well. This relentless dictatorship causes men to live in fear for their own lives. Men struggle to abide by these strict and inhumane rulings. In most scenarios, man recognizes that there is no easy way out. Consequentially, a rebellion remains to be the only option. Since before Christ, men
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George’s action is absolutely justifiable, but some could argue the situation could have been addressed more productively had severe oppression not be forced upon George at the time. Unjustified decision making and unconventional actions due to consistent persecution encourage men to rebel against situations at hand. Motivation to keep peace in the world is in large part due to the valuable relationships and belongings people hope to maintain. What happens if there is nothing to lose though? If man does not have anything to lose in a desperate situation, a rebellion, in theory, will only bring better things. Seen in In Dubious Battle, people argue for the rebellion, as no other options seem to be logical. Mac states, “‘Listen, London, even if we lose we can maybe kick up enough hell so they won’t go cuttin’ the cotton wages. It’ll do that much good even if we lose’” (In Dubious Battle, 65). In any conflict, men lay out the pros and cons for addressing the problem. In the case of the migrant workers, their negative evaluations engulf their minds, while they struggle to discover any positive assessments of the situation. It is easily decided that rebelling is the only option against feared situations created out of oppression that began for each worker when they entered the job and continued since. In Of Mice and Men Curley is constantly harassing Lenny. At a breaking point,


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