Severe Depression from the Clinical Psychological Perspective

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Severe Depression from the Clinical Psychological Perspective
Michelle Brummet
Introduction to Applied Behavioral Sciences 200
Instructor Jeannine Jones
October 6, 2014

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Severe Depression from the Clinical Psychological Perspective

Let’s first define what psychology and applied psychology means and how it is applied. Psychology is the
…show more content… Maladaptive behavior inhibits a person’s ability to adjust or cope to a particular situation or circumstances. In Joe’s case, all that has happened to him is extreme and without a clinical psychologist to help, Joe might very well end up in a place where his uncle found himself and the worst case scenario, end his own life. One of the most consistent findings in the study of depression; “…in depression research severe life events often, not always, precede the onset of a major depressive episode” (Monroe, Slavich, Torres & Gotlib, pp.864).
The onset of Joe’s depression is caused by both external and internal circumstances. His job loss, wife and kids, and being kicked out of the home he built with his family are extremely major events as well as depression runs in his family. The inability to cope or adjust to life’s major events or changes is the topic of studies all over the world; is it behavioral, hereditary, environmental, or chance.
I have come across some interesting information throughout my research and it seems that more than one study and the researchers involved have classified depression in the following manner; “Depression may be used to refer to several different but related concepts. It can be thought of as an affect, emotion, mood, symptom, disease, or diagnostic label, and may refer to both normal and pathological events that can be transient or


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