You Are the Parent of a 16 Year Old Boy.

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You are the parent of a 16-year-old boy. You come home and find the door ajar. Inside, you discover your son’s friend looking in a kitchen drawer. He says he is trying to leave your son a note. On the counter next to him is a lock pick and some of your jewelry. The boy smells of marijuana. You tell the boy to leave immediately and he does. Do you call the police, call the boy’s parents, tell your son, or do something else?

Write a 1,400- to 2,100-word paper, explaining your response.

Format your paper consistent withAPA guidelines.

I am the parent of a boy who is 16 years old. One day I came home to find that his friend was inside our home when no one was home. The door was ajar and I walked inside to find a friend of my
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Do we inform the parents of the boy? Absolutely. We immediately phone the parents of the boy and tell them that we need to have a conversation about their son and it would be best if we have the conversation in person. You do not do the boy a favor by not informing his parents in this situation and you do not help the parents help the boy by keeping this from them. The parents will be upset and they are going to be concerned and by having this conversation in person you show them that you are not attacking their son but are doing it as means to help them and him. You need to do this in person to disable their defensiveness and to better elude them to the situation that you walked in on. When you are speaking to them you do not accuse their son of anything, because you do not know anything. You know what you seen, you know what you walked into, you know what the boy was doing when you caught him and you know what he smelled of. You are not in a position to point fingers or accuse the boy, this boy is a friend of your son and you are concerned about his well being. It is not your responsibility to discipline this child it is the responsibility of his parents. You, however, have a responsibility to your son and your family and their safety.

Do you tell your son? Yes you do because you want to be honest to your son. He needs to be aware of what took place and what you did about it. This will


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