Week 6 Quiz

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Week 6 Quiz
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Which one of the following children provides the best example of emergent literacy?

A.Two-year-old Torina tears several pages out of the family telephone book before her parents realize what she’s doing.

B.When four-year-old Jack plays school with his older sisters, he fills a sheet of paper with lines of random letters.

C.Donna is only five years old, and already she can read many storybooks independently.

D.Six-year-old Yasser understands basic rules of phonics but does not yet know how to spell many words that are exceptions to the rules.

Answer Key: B

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Research indicates that a major advantage of giving children multiple experiences with books
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“Once upon a time,” she says, “there was a fairy princess. She was very beautiful. A handsome prince asked her to marry him. They lived happily ever after. The end.” Which one of the following is the most reasonable interpretation of Rosemary’s behavior?

A.She has acquired a story schema for fairytales.

B.She has a good working sight vocabulary.

C.She is engaging in knowledge transforming.

D.Her lack of attention to the words on the page suggests possible dyslexia.

Answer Key: A

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Which one of the following teaching strategies is consistent with the textbook’s discussion of children’s mathematical development?

A.Making sure that children have acquired most of the characteristics of Piaget’s formal operations stage before they begin to solve problems.

B.Teaching tricks such as “When you see the word less in a problem, you should subtract.”

C.Having children practice procedures in isolation before applying them to real-life situations.

D.Making sure that children know why procedures work as well as how to use them.

Answer Key: D

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When 10-year-old Meg tackles a word problem that requires her to add the numbers 29 and 56, she arrives at the solution “715.” Based on her error, you might reasonably guess that Meg:

A.Has not yet acquired proportional reasoning ability

B.Does not engage in


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