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The analysis of Foremostco Inc case

From the case we know that Foremostco Inc had a very heavy loss in the business. Because of the mistakes existing in the newly developing program, the computer system was not doing what it was supposed to do and also almost all the important documents were printing out blank, as well as the orders. So a great number of customers felt angry and unforgivable since they did not receive their orders or they were not even billed at all. As a result, Foremostco Inc lost many important customers because they felt angry and disappointed about the Foremostco Inc. Besides, Foremostco Inc also lost a lot of money for developing the damaged and unworkable program. In a word, it was an "Expensive Lesson" for
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A good project management should involve the time schedule, the personnel arrangement, the milestones, the methods for solving the problem in general way, budget and etc. The reason for why Foremostco's new system failed is that they do not create a great project management. They did not have a fixed and clear time schedule, so they always working under the time pressure. And also they did not divide the system as some subsystems and discuss all of them how to realize it in the same time, so they even did not know how to realize the back end when the project had processed for some months. Besides, Foremostco's choice of realizing the function was not based on their own discussion and experience, it was based on the practices of many other firms of its size. So the methods may be not useful for their case. And because of lacking of the obvious milestones and goals to achieve in some certain period, the requirements of the new system program were always changing. It was increasing the difficulties for determining and creating the system functions. During the developing of the new system, Foremostco did not manage the project clearly by writing programming and project reports. So it made the project become harder and harder when there had some personnel changing and some function modification. At last, Foremostco should not use a product which was not verified fully and completely successful. Their