The 26th Amendment

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26th Amendment
The 26th Amendment was proposed on March 23rd, 1971 and ratified on July 1st of the same year. The 26th Amendment would be the quickest to be ratified in United States history. So many people wanted this law to happen and it did. The saying was “Old enough to fight, then old enough to vote.” This new amendment had people across the nation pondering. This amendment was a remarkable new amendment. Young people could now vote and get involve in there new political leaders. Before this new amendment the law was that you couldn’t vote unless you were at least 21 so until that age, teenagers didn’t care about who was running their country at all until they were of that legal age. The 26th Amendment changed the whole idea of the
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For their actions they must account, or their ratings will never grow. So come next election time, go cast your vote with pride. Voting doesn't cost a dime plus the outcome you help decide. "Political Poems."
One of the biggest reasons many people oppose to this amendment is that changing the legal age to vote changes to how ideal of adult hood. Statistics say that the human mind isn’t fully grown till the age twenty six. That is many years away from eighteen, so they say they don’t want a bunch of kids running the country who aren’t even mature enough to vote. An article I read was about a republican furious about the 26th Amendment. She said after the Obama Care passed as a law now sons and daughters can stay under their parents healthcare until they are twenty six years old is a mockery. The new slogan she said should be “Can’t pay for your own insurance, then you can’t vote.” One politician said “Giving the youth to vote is like giving a baby a gun. They aren’t going to do nothing but bad with it. They shouldn’t have it until they are old enough.” They think it was a dangerous amendment.
Another big complaint is that the youth are easily persuaded. They only choose on what’s cool or what everyone else is doing. The youth is a big percentage of the population so they do make a difference but it’s not good if they are only making a fashion statement. Since the law of legal drinking was taken away at the age of eighteen and


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