Y-M-C-a! a Business Overview of a Non-Profit Organization

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Y-M-C-A! A Business Overview of a Non-Profit Organization
Crystal Hunter
American Intercontinental University

A semi-detailed business overview of the non-profit organization known as the YMCA or Young Men’s Christian Association is discussed. A brief history of the origins of the company is detailed along with the definition or explanation of the company’s mission statement. The organization’s basic legal, social, and economic environment is described. Likewise the YMCA’s management structure, operational issues, as well as financial issues are discussed. Lastly, the possible impact that potential change factors, which includes the role of technology, can present to the YMCA business organization are discussed.
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20,000 staff and 500,000 volunteers (within its 10,000 communities). To be more specific to an individual site or YMCA center, the author will use the YMCA of Delaware which manages seven Delawarean centers which have management hierarchies within each individual center, and the activities of the YMCA are governed by a board of directors/governors which includes individuals who represent the shareholders of that region’s YMCA branches (About Us, 2010). The Board of Directors is the top of the hierarchy for either an individual YMCA center or a collective of centers within a particular locale or region and is followed down the hierarchy by the following: 1. Executive Committee, Finance Committee, Program Committee, Membership Committee, Board Development Committee, Endowment Committee, Site Development Committee, and Auction Committee (all aforementioned departments are 2nd level management and are departments that answer directly to the Board of Directors); 2. Executive Director; 3. Fitness Director, Program Director(s), and Membership Director (all three departments answer directly to the Executive Director); 4. Group Fitness and Personal Trainers, Child Care Workers, Child Watch and Front Desk, and other associates for specific programs (all of the aforementioned answer directly to the appropriate department heads listed in #3) (YMCA of Callaway- Organizational Chart, 2010). The YMCA


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