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Theories Of Devaince Presented In There Are No Children Here
The four theories of deviance are The Learning Theory, The Strain Theory, The Social-Bond Theory and the Labeling Theory. These theories alone can explain the reasoning behind someone’s deviant behavior. But, in There Are No Children Here we see all of these theories being demonstrated. This lets us have an understanding of exactly why we are seeing the deviant behavior that we are.

This learning theory is basically the idea that as you can be taught good behavior you could also be taught deviant behavior as well. Terence is taught to be deviant with drug sales. He is exposed to this early in life. This falls into the priority of the learning theory. Charles took Terence
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There is no respect for the law in Hornets. This is shown after Craig had been shot. People yelled things like “them sons of bitches shot him in cold blood” (Kotlowitz pg.197) The people of Hornet’s fell like there is no justice with the police force. One person even said, “Man, who care? They don’t. it’s just another nigger to them ” (Kotlowitz pg.197) With no beliefs and respect to authority there is a better chance of deviance. The last theory of deviance is the Labeling Theory. This shows that if given a negative label it “becomes their master status” (Lycan, Lecture 10) and, “everything they do is related to this label.” (Lycan, Lecture 10) I see this with Craig. Even though he was a good hard working kid, he was a young black male from the projects. Who was in trouble with the law. Cops gave him a negative label because of this. Sadly this label ended his life. When the police rolled by they knew his label of potential trouble. The book says that “It wasn’t clear why the police thought they looked suspicious or had any cause to stop them.” (Kotlowitz pg. 195) Even though he was not doing anything deviant he had a deviant label and that is why they stopped and why he died.
The theories of deviance, The Learning Theory, The Strain Theory, The Social-Bond Theory, and The Labeling Thoery are seen greatly in There Are No Children Here. They give us understanding as to why certain things


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