Us History World War Ii Research Paper

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US History Research Paper
World War II

What technology was developed during World War II, and how has the technology developed during World War II impacted the world today?

Technology played a key role in determining the outcome of World War II. The high military demand for more advanced technology acted as a catalyst for the development of technology in the interwar years of the 1920’s and 1930’s. Scientists and Engineers alike poured massive amounts of research and development time into supporting the war effort, and more advanced technology was developed at an alarmingly rapid rate. One notable fact about technology in World War II is that World War II is the first war in which many military attacks were designed
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Fighters were developed first, and ran off of a single engine. They were generally outfitted with a front machine gun and supported one or two pilots. Fighter jets were not developed until the end of the war, and saw little use on the battlefield because of this. Another type of aircraft developed during World War II was the Bomber. These enormous planes were flown deep into enemy territory where they released bombs to wreak havoc on the enemy below. Bombers often targeted key structures and production facilities to cripple the output of the enemy forces. Even more technological advances were made in the field of communication. The invention of the transistor forever changed the way electronics such as computers and radios worked. Transistors amplify and switch electronic signals. This enabled electronic devices to be manufactured much smaller than before while still being just as (if not more) powerful. Computers that once took up entire rooms could now fit on a desk. Radios that previously lined a whole wall could now be carried by hand. This revolutionized electronic communication, and made for orders to be given and received quickly on the battlefield. Almost all modern day technology utilizes transistors. This is yet another example of how the technological advances made in World War II have trickled down to present day. Other technological and


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