Unit 4 "The Great War"

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Unit 4 “The Great War”
Notes Outline

Complete this notes outline as you review the material throughout the course. You will submit this completed outline to 4.04 Unit 4 Notes Dropbox.

Lesson 4.01 “The War to End All Wars”
Explore #1:
What countries do the characters represent? The first person in the line represents Serbia, the second represents Austria, the third represents Russia, after him; the fourth represents Germany, the fifth France, and last the sixth person in line represents England.

What are the characters doing? The characters are threatening the countries that attack their allies in the order that they got involved in the war.

How is this significant to the causes of WWI? Each character represents a
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Revolution in Russia
Russia was no longer a factor in the war after the Bolshevik Revolution. Czar Nicholas II was forced to give up power and he was replaced with a “Republican government” Bolsheviks , followers of Vladimir Lenin, violently overthrew Russia’s government
Germany and Russia’s deal: promise of peace (Russia withdraws from fighting)
Peace meant freeing Germany from fighting a two-front war

E. Americans to the Rescue
German forces turned all their energies toward the French and British lines. They were able to break through and head toward Paris .
American forces marched out from Paris under Brigadier General James Harbord.
During the Battle of Chateau-Thierry , the Germans are stopped and the tide of the war begins to turn!
American loses - over half of their troop

E. The Tank
The tank was introduced by the British , could cross trenches and roll through barbed wire, while remaining invulnerable to enemy fire
Tanks were used to launch assaults in advance of foot troops to break German lines.

F. American Heroes
Corporal Alvin York at first, he was a conscientious objector
York’s squad attacked a German machine gun nest
York killed 25 and captured 132 Germans with only his rifle and pistol
Eddie Rickenbacker celebrated fighter pilot


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