FXT2 Task 1

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FXT2 Enterprise Continuity
The purpose of this presentation is to educate you on disaster recovery plans and/or enterprise continuity plan. The following slide will include basic structures, roles in the plan, and employee awareness.

FXT2 Enterprise Continuity Plan
The presentation will cover the following topics

• Employee responsibilities of a ECP/DRP
• Operational disturbance optimization
• High level employee education plan
• ECP/DRP content with input from IT vendors
• Employee awareness education program

FXT2 Enterprise Continuity Plan
• Team Responsibilities

• Emergency Management Team
-- Top tier of emergency response team that manages lower teams.
• Physical Security Team
-- Responsible for maintaining physical security
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• All critical non-information technology personnel will attend training on an annual basis unless changes were made and training is required sooner.
• All employees will receive training of the ECP/DRP upon initial hire during company orientation to provide a baseline of what to expect during an outage/failure.

FXT2 Enterprise Continuity Plan
A4. Outside Expertise

• This is where an outside consultant would be leveraged to help define the ECP/DRP for the university. The consultant would need to be able to provide the following areas of expertise:

Coordinate in the various areas of the ECP/DRP where needed.

Work with teams to define solutions to points of interest.

Work with university to define areas where contractors would not be needed during an outage/failure.

Work with the university to push their mission.

• Any outside vendors providing bids to the ECP/DRP project should be familiar with ECP/DRP. The university will need to weigh bids from the vendors to determine who will best fit the goals of the defined ECP/DRP. Initial qualifications for weighing vendors includes but not limited to:

Experience with geo-diverse redundancy of networks and systems.

Experience with virtualization.

Experience with security both physical and virtual.

FXT2 Enterprise Continuity Plan
A5. Awareness Campaign

• The best way to define a ECP/DRP is to leverage existing talent