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1.1 When going into a call the first thing that should be done is to get all the materials that you need together in order to provide care. For example, if someone is bed ridden and you are changing their pad then you will need to get the clean pad, carrier bag, toilet roll, baby wipes, towel, cream if applicable and usually the slide sheet ready. By not having everything ready you will have to stop what you are doing and go and get things. The individual during this time is rolled on their side and no doubt in some discomfort and delaying the proceedings to go and get things only increases this discomfort. After providing care all materials
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The same applies to drinks with regards to cleanliness, most people like to sit in a room or lie in bed in which the immediate surroundings are tidy and clean.
2.4 The main resource that I am personally responsible for are gloves and aprons. I can ensure that these are available in advance of planned healthcare activities by ensuring that I have a sufficient supply at all times with regards to essential resources within the individuals home I can ensure that these are available in advance by keeping my eye on stock levels and where levels are running low then advise either the individual, their family or the care manager that stocks need reordering. It is the duty of myself and my colleagues to report any shortages immediately.
2.5 Medical equipment, devices and resources should be checked before they are used each and every time they are used to ensure that no malfunction can harm the individual who is using them or on whom they are to used. Any defects should reported immediately to the care manager and the equipment not only used but put out of the way of the service user who may not understand or realise that there is a problem. If a defect is noted it is important to leave clear instructions for colleagues both in the care plan and also by putting a sign with the equipment, devise or resource so that it can be easily be seen.
2.6 Any problems with medical equipment, devices and resources would be immediately reported to my care