The Ethical Temperature in Arcticview

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The Ethical Temperature in Arcticview

In this case, Mary Benninger, who is a controller and office manager for the Hewsen Chemical Inc., a small, privately held producer of specialty chemicals used in the testing labs and other manufacturing firms, is discussing about her dilemma regarding her employment with her old friend Tom Chu. Mary and Tom had both graduated in 1985 from Mackenzie King University, and then studied together to attain their CMA designations in 1988. This case basically talks about the ethical dilemma that Mary is facing as being the controller of Hewsen Chemical. The company, Hewsen Chemical, was initially doing well and their sales were growing rapidly but the problem started when Dusque, a big integrated
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Mary now has two alternatives in her hands, first one is to do as Brian and other executives had suggested, and second one is abide by the ethical conducts of auditor and accountant and do not comply with Brain and other employees. These alternatives have their own consequences. The first alternative was to do as Brian and other executives had suggested doing which was to state in a brief statement along with the financial statements declaring that the company was doing everything under the grant contract and using all their grants in to Arctic view. This is a risky alternative as Mary has to go against her professional ethics and she may also lose her professional certification if incase she get caught and she may also get some chargers if the government founds out that she had actually given an misleading statements. The second alternative would to not follow the first alternative and abide by ethical conducts. With this alternative she might lose her job, which she cannot afford to lose now given the condition of her husband and the medical expenses she has to manage.

The right option would be the second one that is to nothing and abide by the rules and ethical conducts. In my opinion, the profession of accountants requires utmost ethical principles and conduct because users to make decisions review their work. In this case, the government would review Mary’s statement. Being an accountant comes with responsibilities and