Understanding Partnership Working in Service with Children and Young People

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| 013 Understand Partnership Working in Services for Children and Young People - Questions | | Task A Questions | 1 Why is it important for children and young people that you work in partnership with the following people/groups? | | (a) Parents, carers, guardians | | This is the most important partnership as Parents/carers need to feel confident with the setting and it’s staff. They will want and expect the highest level of care for their child. Nurturing a partnership with Parents/carers will ensure good communication and the sharing of important information regarding the child, such as needs, wants and development. Building trust with parents/carers will result in them regarding the setting as a valuable source of help and …show more content…

| | To ensure that all parties are working towards the same aims and objectives.To achieve the best outcome for the child and their family. | 2.. Identify one policy and one procedure from children or young person’s work setting for sharing information (SAFER) | | Policy; Safeguarding (provides a framework ensuring information is shared appropriately). | | Procedure; Follow local protocol called MASH, (multi agency safeguarding hub) | 3. Give one example of a conflict and one example of a dilemma that may occur when sharing information with partners. | | If a child attends two different pre-school settings, one setting may have concerns regarding a specific area of the child’s development. These concerns may not be experienced in the other setting and may result in a conflict of views. | | The dilemma with having 2 different settings disagreeing over the child’s development can sometimes cause confusion for the parents. |

4. What are the legal requirements for recording information? | The recording of information is governed by the Data Protection Act 1998. (1) Personal data shall be processed fairly and lawfully. (2) Personal data shall be obtained only for a specified and lawful purpose or purposes, and shall not be further processed in any manner incompatible with that purpose or purposes. (3) Personal data shall be adequate, relevant and not excessive in relation to the purpose or purposes for which they are processed.


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