Critical Thinking

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AMBA 610: Critical Thinking Assignment

Simon neil Corporate Solutions
To: Mr. Ldo Perdra (CEO, SSCS)
From: Mr. Augustin (Vice-President of Human Resources)
CC: None (Confidential)
Date: March 18, 2012
Re: Leadership-Development Programs
This is in response to your request for our office to evaluate the merit of Ms. Mitchell’s proposal that we establish and fund a new leadership-development program for our high-potential fourth-year associates.

1.0 Background

At the 2012 year-end senior-management offsite, the director of operations suggested that Simpson Seiler Corporate Solutions (SSCS) establish a leadership-development program to prepare our high-potential fourth-year associates for future advancement into
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Regardless, if we spend our money on leadership development, we will not have enough to spend on recruitment. And, from the discussion above, it would be more logical to select and recruit those with leadership traits than to try and develop those who are not. Moreover, if we spend money sending the wrong people to leadership training, the whole program will be a waste of money. There are plenty of people who are already leaders; we don’t need to “train” those who are not.

3.0 Conclusion and Recommendation

I speak for truth and common sense. SSCS should not invest in the proposed initiative to send its high-potential fourth-years for annual leadership training. Leadership development programs are wasteful because the money is not well-spent. The advocate of this idea, Ms. Mitchell, is not really concerned about developing leaders for SSCS. Instead, Ms. Mitchell has a personal agenda to discredit me personally and push the theories of the Irwin Corey Center. As VP of Human Resources, I don't think those theories are appropriate for the culture of SSCS.


Individual Paper

Attached is a business document that you will need to analyze applying the critical thinking model discussed in Asking the Right Questions (2012).

In a short paper (7-8 double-spaced pages) apply the steps of the critical thinking model to assess the arguments made in the business document. Include all of


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