Killer Angels

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History 1301

1. Were soldiers religious? What did they think about God? What sorts of religious viewpoints do we see in this book?
2. Why did soldiers fight? Did the motivations of men on the two sides differ? What enabled men to fight in the face of death?
3. What thesis does the author argue as to why the Confederacy was defeated at Gettysburg? What evidence does he present to make his point? Do you agree or disagree with him?

Trevor Jenke
Professor Lockwood
History 1301: M-W 12:30
2 December, 2013 Killer Angels Book Review
1. During the Civil War, there were two sides, the Confederate Army and the Union Army. While the Confederates fought for slavery, the Union fought for their freedom. While the
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To Chamberlain, the bottom line is that he sees everyone, black or white, as a man. There is no difference. And yet a Southern minister told him, "very patiently, that that was the thing I did not understand, that a Negro was not a man." (Pg. 187) And Chamberlain decides he was willing to kill, if he had to, because he believed that all people were men. Even Kilrain seemed to have slightly seen the true reason as to why they were fighting. When Chamberlain's men find an escaped slave, Kilrain says, "'And this is what it's all about.'" (Pg. 179) The slaves Although the South was ultimately fighting for slavery, Michael Shaara says of Lee’s reason for fighting the Civil War “, He found that he had no choice…Lee could not raise his hand against his own. And so what then? To stand by and do nothing? It had nothing to do with causes; it was no longer a matter of vows” (Pg. 263). Chamberlain's brother, Tom, thinks it is hilarious that the Confederate prisoners keep saying that the war isn't about slavery, it is about their "'rats.'" The pronunciation is so different, it takes them a while to figure out that means "rights." Tom asked what rights were being offended, and they couldn't say. (Pg. 180) The south was fighting for their ‘rights’ to establish a society like that of their old homeland. In the Freemantle chapter, we get one British opinion. "But the point is they, the Southerners, do it all exactly as we do in Europe. And the


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