Exam 11A

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1) All of the following are Task Manager tabs EXCEPT ________. (1 point)





2) The Windows 7 diagnostic tool used to monitor how efficiently the computer is running is the ________. (1 point)

Services bar

Task Manager

Services tab


3) Computer users who do not have Windows 7 and would like to reap the benefits of Task Manager can ________. (1 point)

upgrade the amount of RAM and replace the CPU

buy a whole new computer system

download a shareware utility such as Task Info

download a virus protection software package

4) The Performance
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(1 point)




plastic substrate

30) Which of the following is NOT true about CDs and DVDs? (1 point)

They are optical storage devices.

They use lasers to read and record data.

They are best used for short-term storage.

They can be purchased blank.

31) The erase laser on a CD-RW is strong enough to crystallize it but not strong enough to melt the compound material. (1 point)

true false

32) The DVD is able to store more data than a CD because it has smaller slots and pits. (1 point)

true false

33) Which of the following is not an application useful for Blu-ray? (1 point)





34) You want to install a Blu-ray drive without having to worry about jumper setting. What should you do? (1 point)

Install one that slides easily into your chassis.

Install one that requires no installation software.

Install a Blu-ray drive with a SATA interface.

Install one using a USB cable.

35) PowerProducer is a program used for ________. (1 point)

authoring HD videos for


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