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Question 1 (5 points) James believes our system of free enterprise is the best, even though businesses are not exactly trying to do nice things to competitors, because the end result is that consumers get better products. "Hey, even though what the businesses are doing is kind of cruel, the ultimate outcome is for the good—what could be wrong with that?" Chris disagrees with James: "No way will you'll get me to go along with that analysis, James, right is right and wrong is wrong. If a businessman is trying to run a competitor out of business, the intentions are all wrong—I don't care about end results." Philosophically, what is the best description of
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No, because a restraining order is an equitable remedy, and there are no defenses to them, they are granted in the interests of justice.

Yes, laches

Yes, clean hands

Yes, substance over form

Yes, substance over form, clean hands and laches.
Question 8 (5 points) Benjamin's neighbor Donovan was operating heavy equipment early in the morning on weekends, typically prior to 6am. This was waking Benjamin up and over time had made him very cranky. After putting up with it for 15 years, Benjamin had finally had enough and went to his local state court to seek an equitable remedy to prevent Donovan from running the heavy equipment. What is Donovan's best defense to Benjamin's court action?
Question 8 options:

Statute of limitations

Clean hands

Substance over form

Question 9 (5 points) Emma is a federal court judge in Georgia. She thinks courts should be used as a tool to remedy social wrongs; she believes the notion of judges following old cases in deciding new ones—precedent—is old school and a bit silly, and she decides cases accordingly. What legal philosophy most accurately describes Emma's philosophy?
Question 9 options:

Natural Law

Legal Positivism

Legal Realism

Legal Remedialism
Question 10 (5 points) Miranda underwent surgery at General Hospital for a slipped disc in her back. The surgeon accidently severed a nerve


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