Water Wars

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Water is a human right, not a commodity. It is the essence of life, sustaining every living being on the planet. Without it we would have no plants, no animals, no people. However, while water consumption doubles every twenty years our water sources are being depleted, polluted and exploited by multinational corporations. Water privatization has been promoted by corporations and international lending institutions as the solution to the global water crises but the only one’s who benefit from water privatization are investors and international banks. The essential dilemma of privatization is that the profit interests of private water utilities ultimately jeopardizes the safeguarding of the human right to water. Access to clean, sufficient …show more content…

This is preposterous on so many levels. In the film “The Story of Bottled Water” the director Annie Leonard pointed out an outrageous marketing scheme created by corporations the so called “manufactured demand”. It is essentially a way to seduce, mislead and frighten consumers in to purchasing bottled water.#11 And it has proved to be highly profitable. While most people believe that bottled water is safer than tap, there is no such assurance. Tap water is regulated by the EPA and held to high standards of quality, bottled water isn’t. It is regulated by the FDA, who currently has only one inspector overseeing the bottled water industry. So, the bottling companies basically do their own “inspections“. Therefore consumers should not assume that bottled water is safer than tap water. In 2006 the television news magazine 20/20 sent samples of New York City tap water and four brands of bottled water -Aquafina, Dasani, Poland Spring and Evian- to a microbiologist to test for disease causing bacteria such as E-coli and found that their was no difference whatsoever between the tap water and bottled waters#10. The tests concluded that the tap water was just as safe to drink as the bottled water#10. However, in 2007 bottled water sales in the U.S. totaled an estimated $15 billion according to the Beverage


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