Oxfam Case Study

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OXFAM PAGE 212. CASE 1 WEEK 2, question 1 1. In about 100 words, explain the advantages and disadvantages that Oxfam would have experienced by using banner ads to achieve the objectives for this campaign.

Banner Ads are great when designed to target a specific group of people, however (for lack of a better example) banner ads are essentially like sharks designed to seek out their prey, which can be a double-edged sword. Considering the subject matter of Oxfams cause, I do think banner ads could be seen as a little too abrasive in advertising. Their main objective in this campaign is to acquire donations, so despite the aggressiveness of banner ads, one very important advantage to a banner ad is that it shows a
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4. Oxfam used only its existing e-mail list for this campaign; it did not purchase (or borrow from other charitable organizations) any additional e-mail addresses. Evaluate this decision. In about 300 words explain the advantages and disadvantages of acquiring other e-mail addresses for a campaign of this nature.

Perhaps the email sequences that Oxfam used was conducive with the amount of responses and clicks they received. I am sure Oxfam monitored the activity of each person they sent their emails to and based on what they did, Oxfam wanted to continue to follow up delivering specific content they may be interested in. The sequence emails may have been a reflection of the amount of donations they were getting; responses were beginning to slip therefore, Oxfam had to continuously email information out to help spark more activity on their website.

Delivering the information in different formats is effective because everyone digests and responds to information differently. Perhaps they believe they could reach everyone if they opted to utilize more than one marketing strategy.

Oxfam choosing to use html, video then audio reflects how adequate and successful their marketing strategy is- only because the last attempt drove home their initial plan of bringing in more donations.

If you want to be successful in marketing, especially a business like Oxfam, you must be adaptable. I believe their


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