Shell Company Oil Spills in Nigeria

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Executive Summary

Shell is one of the global energy and petroleum companies around the world. The strategy of Shell Company is to generate more profit for the organization and to move forward the business investments so that Shell Company is sustaining a competitive situation in the Global market and to provide revenues to the shareholders by meeting the global demand. Shell Company believes that oil and gas will remain one of the integral needs of global energy for economic development and Shell Company role is to provide the global with the high standard oil and gas without out harming the
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1.1.2 Social Investments:
Shell Company supports the community both directly in community development projects and indirectly through Shell independent foundation. The company aim is to understand the needs of local communities and to address the local community’s social and economic needs which is access to energy, there business development etc. Shell Company’s staff voluntarily contributes on different social and environmental projects around the world. The programs offered by Shell Company aims to support the young people so that they can set up their own business. Shell Company expended about 13 billion dollars to the poor people with lower income on different humanitarian services. Maximum number of Shell Company employee in Nigeria is local Nigerian which is a good indication of job creation for the Nigerian citizens.
1.1.3 Environmental Contributions and Responsibilities:
Shell Company works to avoid any sort of hazardous, this means that they strives to operate safely and according to the community inspection and maintenance. SPDC is dedicated and loyal in cleaning of the oil spills in the Niger Delta. In the last five year (2008-2012) under a quarter of the oil spillage from SPDC was because of the operational causes such as human error or machinery miscarriage and for this operational spill Shell company has compensated people who has suffered.


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