"Swallow the Air, "The Secret Garden" and "The Seven Stages of Grieving" Year 12 Speech

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How do the texts you have studied communicate a sense of identity arising from the choices to belong or not to belong?
(In 7:45-8:15 minutes)

Hey everyone, hope your enjoying your lunch. I’ve never spoken at a literary lunch before but I really did enjoy this book that I’ve read recently so, yeah.
The book I’m talking about is “Swallow The Air.”
If you’ve read it then you might know that there’s a small piece of writing at the very beginning that describes the work of a Chinese artist.
Now, I googled him and it turns out that he was born into a wealthy family but chose to live a life of poverty.
I had to think about this for a while before coming to the conclusion that this was a decision that was meant to
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All hope of getting through is lost on the day Mary’s parents die and she is left alone in the world. The emotive statement “I didn’t know how to cry” implies that she was never taught.
“The 7 stages of grieving” displays the horror of the stolen generation in poem form. A woman stands in a shard of light that comes from a half opened door on the stage. The light that frames her is symbolic of her trapped nature. It is a technique employed by the playwrights to show the audience that mothers had no choice when soldiers came to take her children. An action which obviously caused intense dislocation to the lives of those mothers and children alike.

Point 3:
Choices made to be closer to the important things
As a person, you can make the choice to peruse the things that are important to you in order to keep them close.
May becomes adamant that in order to strengthen family ties she is to rekindle the bond with her father only to find “the monster [she had] tried to hide.”
In this situation May is making the choice to pursue family. As she recalls memories of her father detailed descriptions prove May’s new understanding of her mother’s suicide. “the current could only steal her. The flood breaking so high that she had to leave us behind.” It is in this way that May develops a closer connection to her family than ever.
On a much smaller scale to May, Mary makes the choice to