Ca Technologies Case Study

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MG 6503: Management of Information Technology and Information Systems
Spring 2013
Prof. Kevin Brabazon

CA Technologies Case Study

Prepared By
Xi Lou
Lun Li
Yang Cao
Yashen Wu

Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Problems & Alternatives
Appendix I: SWOT Analysis
Appendix II: Porter’s Five Forces

Executive Summary
Technology changes will significantly reshape IT companies like CA Technologies. CA has kept its mainframe and clients’ server business in the past 30 years. The company provides the latest mainframe innovations. But CA has to face a new challenge whether it continuous to keep major business in mainframe or make a thorough transformation from mainframe to cloud computing.
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Moreover, acquisition needs rich cash flow, and it takes time to evaluate the effect.
The priority thing for CA Technologies is to integrate the technique and knowledge it acquired from those start up cloud computing companies. The company can use what they have gotten from the various acquisitions, such as the cloud computing platform, the security software solutions and some data to build up its competitive advantage. By building its own research team and growing the firm’s young talents, the company will ensure its innovation and ability to fit in the competitive cloud computing market. 2. Cloud computing security problems
When the cloud computing first launched in the market, not all the people trust this new technology. Security was one of the major concerns. For the public, mainframe looks like a safer way to store data. At least, customers can see there is a mainframe in real, and the mainframe system is considered the company’s asset. On the contrary, cloud computing is entirely based on the Internet which seems vulnerable to virtual attacks. That is why some big companies refused to use cloud computing system in their business.
For CA Technologies aspect, in the new era of cloud computing, any incident pertaining to privacy or security -- even a minor one -- is the fastest way to erode brand equity and consumer trust. As more


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