War On Terror

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On September 11th, 2001, 2,977 Americans lost their lives on what they thought was just another workday. These actions against the United States catapulted our Armed Forces into a full on War on Terror spread out over different countries. Since that fateful morning in September, over 6,000 Americans have lost their lives fighting in multiple theaters in support of the War on Terror. Many people have been personally hit by tragedy resulting from the War on Terror. People have lost their sons, their daughters, friends, and parents as the war creeps on. The United States needs to rescind its involvement in the War on Terror, which has claimed the lives of thousands of Americans, all while draining the American economy. The War on Terror is …show more content…

The combination of PTSD and substance abuse often leaves veterans feeling helpless, like they are broken and cannot be repaired. Without proper help, this combination can turn fatal. In the year 2012, the United States Armed Forces lost more service members to suicide than to combat related deaths. The Guardian reports that a total of 349 service members ended their lives, as opposed to 295 whom died in combat (4). One of those soldiers was William Busbee, a three-tour veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan and a soldier in the U.S. Army. After returning home from his last deployment to Afghanistan his mother noticed him frantically rubbing his hands, and washing them compulsively. When confronted about it, he replied, "Mom, it won't wash off". His mother asked him what wouldn't, and he simply replied, "The blood. It won't come off". William Busbee ended his life on March 20th, 2011 in his car while his family was a few feet away. The Department of Veterans Affairs stated that in the year 2012, more than 6,500 veterans of different wars had opted to take their own lives, one roughly every 80 minutes (5). While the War on Terror has certainly taken its toll on its veterans, it has also taken its toll on the United States as a whole. The Centre for Research on Globalization reported that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan could end up costing at least $6 Trillion dollars, as calculated by Harvard Universities Kennedy School of


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