Cultural Immersion Part 1

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Cultural Immersion Part 1

Tiffany West
Liberty University
Education 504

Tiffany West

What are some key things you have learned about this culture through reading the scholarly literature?

The Cuban culture has many interesting behaviors and ways as any other culture. To other cultures, their way of being and living may seem strange but it is the way that differentiates them from other cultures. There were many aspects within the Cuban culture that were interesting and unique to me being from another culture.
The day to day living of Cubans show how they can adapt to their lives regardless of what state it is in. Cuba is a country short of everything. The people of Cuba still exhibit extraordinary resilience and
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Many Cubans are nonreligious. The total number of nonreligious Cubans has not been specified. The total number of adherents to Santería, which is Cuba’s main religious movement, is also unknown but may include between half and two-thirds of the population. The Santería religion includes many traditions of West African origin, mainly Yoruba. About two-fifths of Cubans are Roman Catholics, at least nominally; although only a limited number actively practice the religion, there has been a resurgence of interest in Catholicism since the late 1990s. Protestants represent a small but rapidly growing fraction of the population. Only a handful of Jews and Muslims remain.
Tiffany West

Are there any current surprises in what you are finding out about this culture?

For me, the Cuban culture is not a culture that I have a great amount of knowledge about. Therefore, I have found all of the information to be somewhat surprising. I think that it is very interesting how a culture that has so little and faces daily struggles, seems to be so strong. In other cultures, this would possibly increase crime rates and cause other problems. However, in my readings, I found that Cubans typically work together through whatever challenges they may face. Regardless, of the limitations with the government, Cubans still encounter the


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