What Were the Causes and Concequences of the Spanish Civil War?

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What were the causes and consequences of the Spanish civil war?

The Spanish Civil War had been majorly caused by a series of long-term events and short-term events which had contributed to its outbreak in July 17th, 1936. The consequences of the Spanish Civil War may be divided in terms of its effect on Spain and its effect upon the rest of the world. Paul Preston argues that the war had been influenced by a series of events, which had built up until the final eruption of the war in 1936. Preston argues that the social tension in Spain during the 19th and early 20th century had contributed to the outbreak of the war. The differences between the Socialists, Nationalists, Anarchists and the Republicans had created a very tense atmosphere
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This resistance created a revolutionary climate that polarized Spanish politics and are war more likely. The Anarchists organized a national uprising of workers in December 1933. The army quickly smashed it. In 1934 Asturias miners organized a strike, which once again, was smashed by the army. The Spanish society was in crisis.

The government was not strengthened by the divisions within the popular front. The unions demanded radical reform, yet the government remained reluctant to pursue radical reforms as it feared that this might trigger a military coup. This caused the political system to reach a deadlock and remain helpless towards a soon-coming social crisis. Spain soon descended into violence. From March until July Spain descended into a series of violent events. In March 9th, Falangist revolutionaries attacked families in Granada. A Day after, left wing protestors set the offices of the right wing newspaper on fire. May 1936 had been marked by several invasions by peasants in which estates in Jaen and Cordoba were invaded and crops were stolen. Spain had reached a critical situation when on the 12th of July, Falangists shot Jose Del Castillo, and member of the republican army – a day after, Socialists killed Calo Soleto in an act of revenge for Castillo’s killing. These two