Assignment 150 And 167

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Assessment Brief Cover Sheet

Course Title Level 5 Leadership or Children’s Care, learning and Development
( Management)
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150 and 167

Unit titles:
Manage physical resources
Develop the environment for children and young people

Assessment Title
Planning for the EY setting

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Assessment brief
These units will ensure that learners are able to identify, obtain, manage and review the use of physical resources and
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Fire Safety order 2005
The new regime of fire safety enforcement came into force on1st October 2006 replacing all previousfire safety regulations affecting childcare.The basis of the legislation is the fire risk assessment.
Regulations (EC)2004 of the european parliament and the council on the hygiene of foodstuff. The food safety (General Food Hygiene)This replacesthe food safety (GeneralFoodHygiene)Regulations(1995). All food business,including caters, must apply food safety management procedures based on the principles of hazard analysis and Critical Control point (HACCP) to their business.The basics for this risk assessment as it applies to the purchase,storage,prepartion and serving of food to prevent growth of baterial or food contamination.
Electricity at Work Regulations 1989
This requires all the electrical installationsthat includes sockets and supply to be safe .Employers are required to have these applainces checked annually by a qualifed and registered electrician,so that any faults can be fixed safely.
Medicines Act (1968)
This states that medication prescibed by a medicial professional can be adminstrated by non- medically qualified person in the case of children ,parental consent must be gained.Records must be kept of all prescribed/ nonp rescribed medication administered.Non –prescribed medication can be


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