Color symmetry

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Color versus Marketing Strategy
Why is Facebook blue? I do not know the answer; I think it should be complex but actually, it is simple. It is because Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook is red-green color blind; blue is the color Mark can see the best. Do not believe it? Not highly scientific, right? That may not be the case for Facebook. In our daily life, colors actually affect our purchasing decisions. After all, sight is the strongest developed sense in most human beings.
How do colors really affect us, and what is the science of colors in marketing? I am taking the principle of marketing class now, as we strive to make improvements to our product Earthgrains, studying this phenomenon is key. Let us dig into some of the latest,
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We also use red to suggest speed combined with confidence and perhaps even a dash of danger. A little bit of red goes a long way. Small doses can often be more effective than large amounts of this strong color. Multiple shades of red and even pink or orange can combine for a cheerful palette. Red is often used in restaurant decorating schemes and brands because it is an appetite stimulant.
Black, white or silver are basic colors that remind us to think about the fashion factors, such as clothes; the electronic products, such as apple products. Black is the color of authority and power. It is popular in fashion because it makes people appear thinner. It is also stylish and timeless. Designers like to use the color black to convey elegance, sophistication, or perhaps a touch of mystery. Black works well with bright, jewel-toned shades of red, blue, and green. Black is the ultimate dark color and makes lighter colors such as yellow really pop out. Photographs often look brighter against a black background. 加上white 和silver 的讨论
In conclusion, colors are important to marketing area. A good leader of an organization or company always combines the color and psychology together to create more profits. In our daily life, color has a wide use. It is not only used in the art area, but benefits other industries as well.



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