Unit 9 D2

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Task 3 [D2] Provide an evaluation of the services available from your domain controllers’ directory service include account management, active directory, DNS, and authentication management

Active Directory is a system which offers centralized control of your computers, it has been a part of Windows since Windows 2000. It is an implementation of Internet standard directory and naming protocols that uses a database engine. To look at the advantages of active directory it is easier to look at what a network without active directory is like, this system when using Windows is known as a workgroup. A workgroup is a network setup in which each computer on the network keeps its own store of user names and passwords. In order to access another
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We can then create local groups to link to sales such as “Sales_management” for sales managers. We can then create a folder where all members of the sales team can store their data, we will call this folder “Sales folder”. We then share this folder to a global group so that everyone has access to it, or it is visible to everyone. However if we only want managers to be able to write information to this folder, we must set the security to only allow members of a local group “Sales_management” read/write access to the folder. This is a huge advantage as an administrator is able to amend the access rights of a large volume of users very quickly and easily. Furthermore an administrator can sort users into logical groups which are very easy to keep track of, this would be especially useful in a school or college environment when there are thousands of new students every year that must be added and sorted to the system. All in all this feature allows for: fast look up of data as resources are organised in a logical structure. A strong security boundary as access control lists created by the administrator determine which users can gain access to certain objects. Finally time saving as there is less that the administrator has to do manually in order to maintain the system.
Another two advantages of the domain controller’s directory service which go hand in hand are DHCP and DNS. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, this protocol deals


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