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Marketing Plan

The Water logged company : HYDRO-JELLY

Entela Beqiri

1. Executive Summary
The Water logged company introduces a brand new product called HYDRO-JELLY.
The product consists in a solidified log of water which resembles to a clear jelly that once is buried in the ground at the base of the plants , when the ground dries out this product give all the necessary liquid to the plant to survive and be healthy.
Is a revolutionary product that doesn’t face any other competition? The Australian company is relatively new and has always invested in the domestic market, from our recent research the product seem to have huge possibilities to succeed internationally.
The water logged company is based in Perth (WA) and
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The agreement has played an important role in drawing US attention towards Australia as an innovative and significant global partner. AUSFTA reduced tariffs, increased quotas, granted greater intellectual property protection, opened two-way investment and eased some market restrictions in the Buy American Act.
.Competitor environment
Being a new product in the Market, The Company doesn’t face any other competitors.
3. SWOT Analysis

Strength superior customer service
No competition a unique product environmental friendly
new product and staff not enough prepared to respond to the inquiries of the customers. poor stock management system
entering a young developing market introduction of a government grant to stop water waste and energy that comes from that.


Our main threat will be the doubt if our product will be considered 100% not organic and environmental friendly. In that case we’ll have to face big loss of money. new regulations about health and plant protections. increased trade barriers

4. Market segmentation and customer analysis
After the Pestel analysis and a long research we can identify our market which will include both genders, focusing more on women between 25-65. The Market research has shown that the 54% of the people practising gardening are women. There’s also an increase between younger people who consider gardening as their favourite hobby, and grow veggies and fruit in their garden. We’ll give a


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