Kurt Cobain Informative Speech

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“I remember watching Kurt come through and thinking, “God, this music is nuclear,” This is really splitting the atom. They raised the temperature for everybody. Manufactured pop never looked so cold as when that heat was around. Nirvana made everything else look silly.” -Bono of U2 is quoted in Lorraine Ali's, ”Cries From The Heart,” a Newsweek article published on October 28, 2002. Today I would like to tell you the story of my favorite artist Kurt Cobain the lead singer of Nirvana. I'll be covering his early life, his struggle with the fame of his band, and his death. The story of Kurt Cobain is a story of great talent, hardship and tragedy. But it is a story that needs to be heard and one i think we can all relate to in some way. …show more content…

Kurt was sick of feeling ill all the time and took the only thing left that would stop the pain. Kurt became an addict, another casualty of Heroin. In interviews he would stress that it was more for the "pain" than the "fame" being the reason for his heroin use, and that he hated and was continually making an effort to control his habit and get off it completely. Then, Kurt met Courtney. Courtney Love became a big part of Kurt's life in a relatively short space of time. Kurt's life took a drastic, sudden change. They got a place together in Seattle, got married and had a child,Frances Bean Cobain. There relationship looked perfect from the outside, but most of the people that knew them said it was very turbulent and that Courtney was using Kurt, playing on his sensitivity. She had a very bad up bringing with heroin use going back to when she was 15 years old. She was an extremely violent person, ruthless and crazy in some of her actions towards other people, Kurt and fame gave her power and the stepping stone she needed to get to the top. Courtney is quoted as saying that they had a “pharmaceuticaly suited relationship”. Although now Courtney has transformed her image and become a rock star and movie actress nominated, she will not talk about her past or time and involvement with Kurt Cobain. But like many others I think it is indisputable that Courtney was the "route of the cause" behind Kurt's death. Her own father claims she killed Kurt, and he has